Brain Gym

Troy incorporates various innovative techniques of body treatment and exercise.

Brain Gym® is one of the unique approaches integrated by Troy during his sessions.

It is a movement program based on principles of kinesiology, invented by Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D., and his wife Gail E. Dennison. They both co-founded and co-created what we know these days as Educational Kinesiology (Edu-k).

Since the 1980s Brain Gym® has been practiced in over 80 countries on all continents and has been utilized at schools, health and fitness facilities, corporate settings, and private homes.

Brain Gym® movements are being proven to greatly improve areas such as:

  • Concentration and Focus
  • Memory
  • Academics: reading, writing, math, test taking, lingual skills
  • Physical coordination
  • Relationships
  • Self-responsibility
  • Organization skills
  • Attitude
  • Pain Management
  • Ocular/Vision improvement
  • R.O.M.(range of motion) improvement

People of all ages and abilities can benefit from Brain Gym® movements. Movements incorporated are specifically known to be extremely beneficial during times of stress. They also fortify appropriate postural habits. Brain Gym® boosts mental processing that is not limited to the betterment of physical activities but also offers significant improvement in comprehension, organization, and communication.

Educational kinesiology activates our entire brain through neurological movement pathways, which in consequence allow the desired change, growth, and improvement in various areas.

Brain Gym® is based on a holistic philosophy of looking at the mind and body as a whole. It educates us to observe ourselves and to take appropriate action when needed.

Troy's All Systems Go philosophy incorporates Brain Gym® elements and protocols. Training programs with specialized exercises and routines are available for clients. The result is an array of benefits to mind/body that transcends conventional exercise. Through an empowered state/ability in the mind, clients immediately feel powerful changes in muscle strength and control that can continue to improve motor patterns indefinitely; more efficient movement pattern rewards less physical and mental effort. These benefits support and integrate seamlessly into all the other modalities/systems stated here at All Systems Go.


Posturology, known as Global Postural Recalibration, is the study of the tonic postural system.

Posturology is a science-based multi-disciplinary technique developed in Europe almost 25 years ago under the leadership of Dr. Bernard Bricot, a renowned French orthopedic surgeon. It is an innovative approach to medical science.

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