Muscle Activation Techniques

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M.A.T. is an innovative treatment process which systematically eliminates pain, joint instability, and muscle tightness or compensation arising from muscle weakness.

M.A.T. reactivates weak and injured muscles with precision manual therapy and corrective isometric exercises, using an extensive system of checks and balances to assess and meet your body's needs.

M.A.T. addresses sources of pain - not just symptoms of pain - utilizing targeted muscle testing, global range of motion (R.O.M.) testing, and specialized musculoskeletal assessments.

Have chronically tight, tense muscles or bad posture?

M.A.T. methodically frees muscle tension linked to compensation by addressing the root source, thereby liberating muscles trapped in protective holding patterns within the body.

Have a recurrent or overuse injury?

M.A.T. M.A.T. eliminates weak links in the muscular system that, if left unchecked, may lead to an ongoing "pin-ball" effect in which muscular compensations result in improper and ineffective body mechanics.

Have poor balance/ movement control or are you feeling muscular weakness in certain areas?

M.A.T. corrects muscular imbalances by restoring appropriate muscle tension, pulling and holding joints in proper alignment while also allowing the joints to become more efficient mechanically (an excellent adjunct to chiropractic work).

Is it taking a long time for an old injury to heal?

M.A.T. M.A.T. re-initiates your body's natural regenerative capabilities, facilitating higher rates of repair in cartilage, fascia, muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments.

Experience achy, creaky joints?

M.A.T. M.A.T. decreases wear and tear on joint surfaces, tendons and ligaments which may already be in a degenerative state, re-establishing balanced muscle- tension relationships and stabilizing joints.

Need to improve circulation?

M.A.T. improves blood flow in muscles and the surrounding tissue; previously weakened muscles lengthen and contract normally again, enabling better circulation.

Have you recently had or will you soon have surgery?

M.A.T. reduces global and regional stress, which results in an increased rate of healing and less strain on the immune system.

M.A.T. complements other modalities such as chiropractic, physical therapy, massage and personal training to return your body to full, pain-free function.

M.A.T. recognizes that if muscles are not correctly connected, exercise may contribute to or worsen muscle compensation. Exercise cannot eliminate compensation on its own.

M.A.T. can help prevent degenerative states in the body by targeting and treating muscle weakness.

M.A.T. reveals protective patterns your body is using instead of aggressively addressing tight or irritated muscles.

M.A.T. sees muscle tightness as a natural protective and compensatory response. These compensations are triggered by any number of stresses that cause weakness or instability -- specifically in muscles and joints.

M.A.T. targets the root cause, viewing pain, tightness, and compensation as primarily symptomatic in muscle weakness. Compensations occur when some muscles can't perform their assigned tasks, causing their work to be performed by other muscles in order to "get the job done." When the source of this compensation is addressed, the body's protective responses are resolved and optimal muscle balance is restored.

Helps create the right state in the body for the breaking up of scar tissue; as muscle compensation is tamed, mechanical efficiency returns and misdirected forces which contribute to the formation of scar tissue are reconciled. The break up of scar tissue is initiated by normalized muscle contractions and appropriate muscle tension, enabling better blood flow and sparking natural healing processes.

M.A.T. Certified Specialists have studied and are highly trained in biomechanics, human anatomy, precision manual therapy, and neurophysiology.

M.A.T. requires critical thinking, progressive philosophy and a life long commitment to continuing education and overall mastery.

Muscle Activation Techniques&tm; (M.A.T.) s a dynamic muscular assessment system that analyzes and corrects muscular imbalances. It has been successful in the reduction and elimination of pain and fatigue, as well as enhancing muscle recovery in athletes and non-athletes alike. This unique method was developed by Greg Roskopf, a biomechanics expert who has worked as a consultant for the Denver Broncos, the Denver Nuggets and the Utah Jazz.

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