Products Endorsement List

TEMPUR PEDIC MATTRESS (also available at Sleepy's)

  • made from pressure relieving material which conforms to your own body and which can be adjusted for your preferences for harder or softer mattressess


  • Echelon (low profile pillow/ plush)
  • pressure relieving, breathable, hypoallergenic, soft, very light and extremely comfortable


  • numerous studies suggest that unpurified tap water and even some bottled water may be harmful for your health
  • water filters (countertop, pitcher, faucet-mounted) provide a healthier solution to both tap and bottled water. Filters are widely available and replaceable, they also eliminate the effects of plastic water bottles on the environment


  • organic wild superfood
  • increases endurance and stamina and speeds up post-workout recovery time
  • regulates blood-sugar level
  • boosts energy
  • restores body/ mind balance
  • very high nutritional value
  • promotes healthier appearance


  • dietary supplement supporting joint health
  • anti-inflammatory
  • rich in antioxidants
  • contains natural pain relievers


  • liquid blend of highly nutritional fruits extracts, juices, herbs etc
  • powerful antioxidant
  • richer in resveratrol than red wine (component of red wine considered very beneficial to health)
  • broad therapeutic potential


  • important tool for home exercise


  • powerful natural antibiotic
  • effective against both viruses and bacteria

ERIVAN YOGURT at many of health food stores

  • natural yogurt containing very high amounts of good bacteria cultures and acidophilus, necessary for overall good health, digestion, and immune support

BIO-K PLUS YOGURT OR CAPSULES or many of health food stores

  • very potent probiotic

JARROW'S PRO-BIOTIC SUPPLEMENT or many of health food stores

  • high quality probiotic which helps maintain and restore healthy microflora; contains extra strains of healthy bacteria in addition to Bio-K Plus probiotics necessary for a healthy digestive system.

Please note that Troy is not affiliated with any of the companies producing the above-mentioned products. The recommendations are strictly personal and based on Troy's own research, usage and preferences, as well as on positive feedback from numerous clients. The products are not guaranteed to either prevent or cure any health conditions.

This list will be regularly updated. Your comments are welcome.


Posturology, known as Global Postural Recalibration, is the study of the tonic postural system.

Posturology is a science-based multi-disciplinary technique developed in Europe almost 25 years ago under the leadership of Dr. Bernard Bricot, a renowned French orthopedic surgeon. It is an innovative approach to medical science.

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