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PF Concept:

If one is willing to exchange discomfort in the body for the illusion of comfort in the mind, an underlying degenerative state or imbalance is given an ideal space to proliferate.


My goal with Protoform® is to provide a proactive, reliable way to develop the potential of our bodies and minds. By improving our ability to feel and respond to signals transmitted across the cellular matrix, we can better react to and control gravitational, body-generated and other forces.

It is hard to perform at the highest level when primary communication problems exist in the body. After studying them extensively, I have determined that the best available strength-training methods do not achieve their maximal goal: a strong balanced body. Unless both sides of the body function as a balanced, integral, and synchronous whole, the body cannot build strength uniformly. Uneven strength building is amplified when joints are not correctly aligned.

Protoform® recharges neuromuscular pathways so that clients will experience stable and powerful muscle contractions, contrary to their former, weakened state. A neurologically "even" muscle control state is the starting point for building well-distributed strength on both sides of the body. With Protoform®, all known strength-training strategies function more efficiently and individuals are far less prone to body disturbances or injuries that might further negate conditioning and performance.
- Troy Stallman

PF Concept:

The key to a powerfully stable, full body alignment correction is the integrity and wellness of its parts. Each link in the bio-mechanical chain has a specific role, and it is also dependent on all its neighboring links. Increasing the functionality of one link will automatically reinforce to a degree all the other links in the chain

Divide each difficulty into as many parts as it is feasible and necessary to resolve it.
- Rene Descartes

Think of the body as a jigsaw puzzle capable of performing nearly infinite types of controlled motion. If these puzzle pieces do not line up the way they should, if they have lost their natural shape (i.e. lost function), they need to be addressed specifically and consecutively, reconstructing each piece so that it may function as close to normally as possible. Then the pieces of the puzzle will fit together again.


Protoform® is a holistic process which includes a technical evaluation and a treatment process which simultaneously stabilizes and re-aligns joints, one by one, balancing the body's bio-mechanical chains. Similar modalities and processes often fail to fully address the interdependent systems of the body. Even though they may produce positive results, they generally focus more on symptoms without tracing problems in the body back to their root causes, nor do they consider the body as a holistic whole. Often a cycle of treatment with short term success will instead mask the real issue.

Protoform® is both logical and progressive. It determines what is not functioning normally with an individual's muscles and joints, finds the degrees of correlation between them, then formulates an immediate, reproducible strategy and treatment process.

In the Protoform® thought process, to restore the body, causality must be precisely determined so that the best possible strategy can be created; chronologic distinctions are made about the relationship between joint disfunction and muscle impairment. This can have a profound effect on the healing process and is a unique feature of this revolutionary technique.

It is important to correct neurological pathways in the mind/body connection before expecting realistic results via health & fitness activities, certain rehabilitative strategies and/or everyday movements. The body's muscle control needs to be fine-tuned before the brain can manage force-based muscular actions(all exercises) effectively.

Along with muscle control, joints must be in aligned first to handle load without harming the joint. Misaligned joints do not displace loads evenly over the interacting surfaces. When this type of wearing of the joint continues it can contribute heavily to manifestation of degenerative conditions and various symptoms, including pain, within the body.

It is therefore recommended that load be minimized on misaligned joints, before any strategic or non-strategic force is applied. Ideally, if joints are restored as closely to normal function as possible, and if they have had adequate time to regenerate, subjects will feel strong and balanced and can effectively avoid predictable, negative consequences.

In order to achieve true strength and stability in body systems, it is vital that all pathways involving movement and posture be clear of neurological obstruction.


Movement may be defined as a series of postures, and the brain’s ability to regulate these postures relates directly to the quality of the information it receives from its receptors.

Recent scientific discoveries have proven that our resting postural alignment is a subconscious act, a motor response. Conscious intent can to some extent override the subconscious, but only when we focus on it, and it is always an effort. As soon as we are distracted, we default back to subconscious postural presets. It is impossible to go through life trying to focus on all our asymmetries!

We may see or feel an unevenness in our bodies and attempt to override it, often over-compensating or causing unevenness elsewhere. We need to discover which pathways correlate to postural discrepancies and provide the right kind of solution.

In certain European medical communities, in the science of Posturology, four key receptors in the body are considered vital in the reprogramming of posture: the eyes, the jaw, the skin and the feet. Tuning these key receptors in a 10 month to 2 year process will lead to normal uncorrupted posture.

In the latter stages of Protoform®'s intervention, most of these four key receptors will have significantly increased functionality. This improvement means that any remaining corruption of the four key receptors has far less impact on posture and movement. Clients feel and see the immediate ease of their movement and upright, aligned posture. Symptoms are either non-existent or reduced to a minimal level.

The four key receptors can always be re-examined separately in order to observe specific improvements made within the Protoform® session.

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Posturology, known as Global Postural Recalibration, is the study of the tonic postural system.

Posturology is a science-based multi-disciplinary technique developed in Europe almost 25 years ago under the leadership of Dr. Bernard Bricot, a renowned French orthopedic surgeon. It is an innovative approach to medical science.

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