Troy Stallman's abilities and talents in the field of physical health and biomechanics are a rarity. It is hard to find people in our modern world who think so holistically about bodies. People who care about the big picture, and not just isolated symptoms, are a true treasure. Troy is the most attentive, caring, and skilled body worker I have ever worked with. My trust in his skills and ideas can best be shown by the fact that almost every person I know has heard his name for either their own, or a friend's, body/pain issue. Besides being an amazing healer, Troy also thinks ahead and designs exercises for maintaining body health. He helps people build upon their new-found muscle health and prevent the recurrence of pain. In the tradition of all great healers, he loves teaching people ways to grow and be more connected to their bodies. I have learned so much from him, in all areas of health. Because he is constantly bettering himself, he is always sharing new knowledge with his clients and patients. He is an amazing trainer as well, knowing both how to be creative and engaging, without the risk of hurting eager amateurs (like me), as well as training the highest level of professional athletes. My full appreciation of him cannot be put into words, but suffice it to say I recommend his work to anyone and everyone.

Regina Spektor
Singer/ Songwriter/ Pianist

When I began working with Troy, I had no idea how quickly and effectively I would achieve relief from the chronic back pain I was having, due to a previous lumbo-sacral disc injury. The pain from the injury was so severe that I was contemplating a second operation. After only three sessions with Troy I had dramatic improvements in my back. Troy's emphasis on strengthening the core musculature needed to effectively heal the old injury, stabilize the area, and prevent recurrence, did what my previous traditional therapy could not. Before long, I found myself doing training exercises that my injury had prevented me from doing for years, and am now 95% free of the pain that I had. Troy is both skillful and intuitive in his approach. He has the ability to quickly and accurately identify weak muscle groups and stimulate recovery through both MAT and directed core training exercises. I have continued to work with Troy because the results are undeniable. I have total confidence in Troy's ability because of my experience with him, and I am equally confident that he can help others achieve similar results.

Mark Clark, M.D.
Associate Progam Director, Emergency Medicine Residency Program
St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital Center
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons

I am a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet and have recently discovered Muscular Activation Technique. As an artist and a full time performer with a very busy schedule, I know that injuries come with the territory. During my career I have struggled with many injuries and I have tried many different forms of therapy to get myself back doing what I love to do. Over the last two years I have been struggling with a chronic injury in my right foot. I would spend hours with physical therapists adjusting my foot, then I would have to tape it so I could go onstage. Eventually I was forced to take time off, trying everything from acupuncture to a series of nasty injections. When a doctor mentioned the possiblilty of surgery, I remembered one person I had not tried yet.

I met Troy a few years ago and when I told him about my foot, he was convinced he would be able to help me. After one session with him I was amazed at the difference. Not only was my foot getting stronger and more stable but muscles were being activated that had not been used in years. My whole body was responding in a very positive way. Aches and pains that I was having in my neck, back and hips were also disappearing. Now my foot seems to know where to go if it falls out of alignment.

I only wish I had not waited so long to give M.A.T. a try. It is pretty remarkable and I am very happy to have taken a chance on this technique. The more I work with Troy and the more I learn about M.A.T., I truly believe that it is going to help me sustain a longer and healthier career.

Maria Kowroski
Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet

I am a concert violinist and was having some trouble articulating certain fine fingering movements when playing. I tried several other techniques in an effort to strengthen my body and also deal with post-performance tightness and tension. Troy not only restored complete functionality to my hands, he also helped me optimize my performance posture and focus. I was able to play a complex, difficult piece without pain, feeling strong and free, able to express myself more fully in my music.

Shir Levy, violinist

Troy Stallman and MAT gave me my life back. I have Chronic Myofasicial Pain, also known as trigger points pain. For those of you who do not know what this is, think of having painful "knots" in your muscles all the time. The pain from these knots can be excruciating. Often it felt like I had a kitchen knife stuck in my back. I became a couch potato because just moving around was very painful. And as anyone who has chronic pain knows, you are not the most pleasant person to be around.

I went to a lot of doctors - neurologists, orthopedists, sports medicine specialists. None of them could help me - no one knows exactly why it happens, and there is no cure. I ended up being treated for my symptoms by a pain specialist with narcotics, neuropathic pain medications, muscle relaxants, and anti-depressants. This gave me limited pain relief, but I also put on 50 pounds.

Then I found Troy and MAT. While the treatment can be uncomfortable (sometimes that is a real understatement), it has provided the only real relief I have found from my condition. I am now mostly pain free, and what pain I have is manageable. I lost the 50 pounds, have returned to the gym for the first time in years, and am active with my daughters and wife.

Troy and MAT brought me out of a very bad place. To anyone who has any kind of pain or muscular condition, I urge you to find a MAT practitioner. For those of you in the New York City area, you can do no better than Troy Stallman.

Jerome L. Hanifin, Esq.
Counsel, Import/Export Compliance
Legal Department

This past summer, I was a participant in the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100-mile race, the longest certified foot race in the world, held in Queens, New York. The runners are given 52 days to complete 3100 miles; they begin their running day at 6:00 am and continue running until midnight, day after day. It is very difficult and almost impossible to do this race without incurring any injuries, since the course is run on concrete, not to mention having to deal with the heat and humidity in New York.

I would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to Troy, who, with his extraordinary skills and insight, enabled me to surmount the injuries threatening to undermine my racing. I began to experience serious hip problems, and to a lesser degree, foot and toe problems, around 20 days (roughly half-way) into the race. Troy, who is a friend of one of the other runners, came out to the race to offer his expertise to the runners and I was lucky to receive treatment from him. He worked with the areas of my body that required adjusting, and within a very short time I was sufficiently recovered and actually came in second in the entire event (44 days and 3 hrs).

I also just had a post-race followup visit to his office and Troy again did Protoform on me. I now feel my entire body aligning and taking over the natural process of healing, which I feel will enable it to support any structural weakness. Troy is a truly gifted practitioner, both from the physical aspect, as well as with his insight into the needs of each client who comes to him for assistance. Again, I offer my deepest gratitude to him.


Sarvagata Ukrainskyi
Second place finisher

My name is Sean Bryan, I’m a 15 year old athlete at St. Anthony’s High School on Long Island, playing football and running track.

During the 2015 football season, as the starting RB, I was the team’s yardage and scoring leader with over 1000 yards and 16 touchdowns over 7 games. We were undefeated, I was having a great season, poised to run the table and win the championship.

Disaster: I pulled a hamstring during a game.

It was bad. I had never had a problem like this before. I did what the trainers told me-- icing and rest, stretching and electro stim -- NOTHING was working. My season was over.

I was losing hope, our last regular season game was next and I couldn't play -- we lost. I felt responsible, but I couldn't do anything, my leg wasn't responding to treatment. The next week the playoffs were to begin; luckily we had a bye.

My coach suggested I see Troy Stallman in New York, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made! I came from Long Island all the way to Manhattan for a treatment from Troy with his laser, it was incredible and totally worth it.

Troy tested me, found my weakness and confidently used the laser on me, knowing it would work fast. I wasn't so certain, but to my surprise, I had instant results the minute I got off the table. There was no pain and I had new confidence that I might be able to return in time for the playoffs. The laser made my recovery time much shorter and was the only thing that worked for me. Troy also restored my muscle strength and balance in my leg and it felt a lot stronger than before. He showed me ways to keep my lower body balanced and firing, too.

When the playoffs began for us, I was able to play and play well. Back to being 100% healthy, I scored 2 touchdowns in both games and we won the League Championship. I felt a lot faster, quicker and most importantly my hamstring felt stronger than ever.

Troy prepared me for what was the biggest game in my life and preserved a great season for me and my team. It honestly wouldn't have happened without Troy's help. He got me back on the field and FAST.

Thank you Troy!

Sean Bryan

I met Troy Stallman while he was in the process of receiving his Muscle Activation Techniques certification. At that time I was recovering from a serious bobsled crash that left me with tightness in my neck and trapezius muscles. That residual tension was taking its toll on my entire body and while I continued to train I found myself losing more ground than I was gaining. While the pain was localized in my neck, Troy tested my whole body for a complete understanding of how I was responding to the injury. As an athlete I have a heightened sense of awareness of how my body is communicating with itself, the fluidity and interconnectedness of my movements ultimately describe my success. Troy's conclusions right from the first day always seemed to positively impact my physical health.

MAT is not the easiest thing to understand. Even with a strong working knowledge of biomechanics and physiology, still some of its nuances are lost to me. I admit to approaching it with cautious skepticism, but once I engaged in the process, I found myself believing in its worthiness. It is important to note that MAT is not a replacement for exercise, rather it is the ultimate precursor to and supplement to training routines. Troy is remarkably skilled at utilizing existing exercises and creating new ones that specifically support the work he does on the MAT table. While I realize that being an athlete by profession affords me the time and reason to pursue optimal health, I think every person can benefit from MAT. To me, it makes very little sense to live days in discomfort and pain when someone like Troy can alleviate it.

In addition, a person who commits him or herself to working out should make MAT his or her cornerstone, an investment in future development of the individual. There is no reason why a person should sacrifice the pleasure derived from activities and sports because of muscle imbalances or its resulting limitations. This October, I will be racing amongst other American bobsledders for a spot to represent my country in the 2006 Olympics. While every one of us on the US National Team has a strong chance of winning the trials, I feel I have an advantage with Troy taking care of my team. In a race that will ultimately be decided by mere hundredths of seconds, I know that MAT will be giving my team an edge.

Grayson Fertig
US Bobsled Team
Advanced Trainer, the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers

I met Troy in 2006 through a training partner. I was having lower abdominal pains that I was treating with Motrin & general sports therapy, I had had the pain for 7 months and it was affecting my races. After 5 weeks with Troy I was completely healed, and staying with Troy on a monthly maintenance regiment I went on to be ranked 1st in the world at 400 Meter Hurdles for my age group, I set two National records, one in the 400M, the other in the 400M Hurdles, and I went on to win 5 National Titles. I cannot thank Troy enough for his ability with Muscle Activation Therapy.

Getulio (Tony) Echeandia
World Ranking - M40 - 1st in 400m Hurdles

Working with Troy has been one of the greatest personal experiences of my life and has opened the door to so many others. I began training with Troy in 2006 to prepare me for U.S. Navy SEAL Training /BUDs (Basic Underwater Demolition school) and SQT (SEAL Qualification Training). I explained to Troy in confidence what I was intending to pursue. Throughout, Troy maintained my trust with the highest integrity. He is now my best friend.

What I have achieved is largely due to Troy's perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and a lifelong foundation for other work.Troy has proven to me time and time again that he is an outstanding master of his craft; incredibly bright with not only an extensive knowledge of health and fitness but also of biomechanics and physiology at the cellular level. Troy is an expert in "real world movement" like running, weight training, martial arts, and mind body focus. He is intensely focused and instinctive but also has an exciting personality that make workouts fun.

The simple fact is most programs don't work because they are not tailored to individuals. Whether you are looking to become a SOF (Special Operations Forces) Candidate, work in law enforcement, or are just interested in personal growth and development, I highly recommend you follow Troy as he develops you through a personalized training regimen.

U.S. Navy Seal

Our nine year-old daughter, Thea, was just beginning her level five gymnastics season, when performing a routine skill during practice she suffered a complete tear of her ACL. Although young athletes, particularly girls, are experiencing a near epidemic of torn ACLs, most of them occur in girls around twelve years old. A nine year-old completely tearing her ACL is uncommon.

This abrupt event propelled our family immediately into the limitations of standard medical assessment. From the onset Holli and I searched for any innovative and creative practice that would offer our daughter wholeness. The more the injury became the focal point, the more we realized how much was missing from the program.

Fortunately, we discovered an excellent and open-minded orthopedist. As the ACL does not heal without surgery, the choices available to Thea include an innovative surgical approach for skeletally immature patients or a non-surgical conditioning and strengthening program. We decided with our orthopedist and certain physical specialists to immediately begin the non-surgical rehabilitation. At the suggestion of Thea's coach, we contacted Troy and set up a consultation.

It is an understatement actually to call it a consultation, as it lasted over an hour and touched on so broad a view of Thea's condition that the injury became almost secondary to the over-all approach Troy was proposing. The possibilities of MAT and the related practices at All Systems Go were a revelation and a confirmation that Thea could be whole and active and unhindered by a condition that she will have to live with for years.

Troy's conviction and belief were equaled by his knowledge and experience. We discussed among other things, aspects of Thea's mechanics that Holli and I had thought were "part of her" - aspects that along with the aggressive repetition of high-level athletics could contribute to exactly this type of injury. Troy explained that the source lay with the brain and its non-communication with certain muscles. These muscles were not being utilized and would need to be activated - only then could the physical therapy and strengthening program correctly compensate for the loss. Needless to say, Thea came in the following week for her first session with Troy. During that initial visit, Troy spent as much time talking with Thea as he allowed her to explore (and play) in his well-equipped facility.

The process of MAT is extremely precise and thorough. Troy identified imbalances in certain areas. They may have occurred with the trauma of the injury but also may have been a pre-existing cause for it. It is a huge relief to feel that we are addressing real contributing factors and preventing them from causing our daughter future problems. In fact, since her treatments with Troy, Thea has returned to her gym -- and in less than six months has returned to competition with her team, much to the astonishment of her doctor and coaches.

This June, Thea will compete in the New York State Championship.

Thea's entire biomechanical process is rooted in her body's compensation for a missing ligament in her left leg. Under Troy's expert guidance, Thea has been able to persevere and achieve in her sport with a balanced body and a mind unencumbered by adverse feelings - the single greatest threat to healing.

Thank you, Troy.

Ben Polsky and Holli Schorno

Today I cried, a good cry, the healthiest set of emotions I have expressed in more than a quarter century, and I have Troy Stallman to thank for it. Please consider this my unequivocal support and testimonial for him.

In the fall of 1986, I received a traumatic life-changing blow to my trapezius muscle which tore all the muscles connecting the cervical spinal cord to my brain stem. My neurological symptoms ranged from severe muscle fatigue to having no energy or power in my skating (I was playing high-level hockey). I experienced this for 25 years, along with a set of other issues with my lower back, as well as a complete shutdown of my L5 – S1.

I did not know what the true cause was, and living with chronic, intense pain was torture. Mentally I was beaten.

When I met Troy, everything changed. He immediately taught me how the body’s natural reaction is to over-compensate.

It is rare in today’s world of physical therapy to find an individual who has dedicated his life to thinking outside the norm and finding a better way through his Protoform interventions to re activate disjointed and weak muscle connections. Through his guidance and calculated isometric program, Troy gave me back the use of my left foot, leg, hip and back and stabilized my postural alignment. I can honestly say that I am stronger now than I was when I was 21.

Indeed, Troy’s ability to diagnose issues related to the human body is off the charts -- anyone who spends one session with him will know that. If you suffer from a chronic issue I advise you to consult with Troy as soon as you can -- he is simply brilliant and his methods totally work!

S. Curtin

I have always been active and have been a dancer since childhood. However in 2001, I was in a car accident and suffered a whiplash injury. I figured I would be well within six months. I was wrong. I spent years trying to ease the pain. I did acupuncture, chiropractic, swimming, physical therapy and Alexander Technique. Finally a close friend recommended I see Troy in 2008, and I tried his MAT therapy. It was really the final chapter in my road to recovery. It was such a blessing to not be addicted to a service like I had been to chiropractic work. MAT really cured me from chronic pain and allowed me to get my life back so that I could give my clients my undivided attention.

Thank you so much Troy. You are a genius and you really go the extra mile!

Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt

In one session, Troy took me from a fragile, impaired state caused by back pain and neck tension to one of pain-free lightness. It was as if an electrified magic wand had passed into my body. I felt a physical playfulness I hadn't for years. This kind of muscular and energetic reconnection to my body was exactly what I wanted to add to my work as a performer. I can't wait to doing more retuning with him. He's giving me the tools I need to grow older with my body's strength and flexibility.

Meg Gibson, actress

I began working with Troy a year ago. I had already been working to address my neck and shoulder pain for 3 years. I had tried just about every approach that Eastern and Western medicine had to offer: physical therapy, yoga, Pilates, medication, meditation, chiropractic, massage of all types, acupuncture, exercise, rest, heat, ice, supplements, even healers .. .As a practicing psychoanalyst for 20 years, I was also acutely aware of the emotional/psychological aspect of the pain ... not to mention the fact that my livelihood depended on my ability to sit and focus for several hours at a time. Knowing my trouble was probably a combination of scoliosis and stress, I went so far as to take a six week sabbatical to determine how much my lifestyle was contributing to the pain. It helped a little, but then again, EVERYTHING helped a LITTLE.

I got into a vicious cycle of frustration, anger and pain that started to dominate my life. I felt betrayed and confused by my body, unable to get relief through anything I tried--physical, emotional or spiritual. Luckily a well-known physiatrist I consulted heard all the things I had tried and referred me straight to Troy Stallman. He said he usually required that people try physical therapy first but I think he knew I had had it.

I could tell right up front that Troy was a consummate clinician. His careful, thorough, confident yet humble approach to diagnostics was comforting and refreshing. Troy is an independent thinker who has immersed himself in his study of the body, developed his expertise to the point that he can apply the science as well as the art required to treat each case in a responsive and individual way. Almost like a psychoanalyst of the body, he works through the physical armoring the body has developed to try and protect its core weakness or injury. In order to heal, you first need to understand what is wrong and then GENTLY and SYSTEMATICALLY provide the support and treatment to allow the original source of pain/injury to resolve (you have to know what something is in order to change it).

As with any comprehensive treatment of a complex problem, the process required commitment, trust, and dedication on my part. I never felt like he was asking me to do anything unreasonable and his steady support and realistic goal setting helped me through the plateaus of healing when I got scared or frustrated. Best of all, Troy taught me basic yet essential things about the workings of my body so that I could understand and begin to trust myself again. The pain has diminished considerably and is often absent altogether. I no longer panic and make it worse if I have a minor setback and can even use the tools I've learned to alleviate it.

I recently had abdominal surgery for an unrelated issue and I would even go so far as to say that my overall fitness level significantly influenced the speed of my recovery. The increased strength and balance in my legs, upper body and core allowed more stability and took stress off my abdominals. I was able to walk and drive much sooner than expected due to my overall strength. P.S. I have also never looked as fit as I do now, so that has been an added bonus.

Elizabeth Fagan
Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Manhattan NY (22 years)
Faculty at Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis
Field Advisor at Columbia University

I broke my back.

I think it's important to start with those four words because nothing else can convey as quickly the level of pain and muscular dysfunction I was experiencing when I first went to see Troy seven months ago. Following a series of sporting injuries to the left side of my body - a broken leg and torn labrum in my hip - the muscular atrophy and subsequent imbalance became so great that all it took was pushing too hard in a kick-boxing session and I cracked the pars interarticularis joining my L5/S1 vertebrae.

The injury happened four years ago now, and I spent the following 3 years seeing the top neurosurgeons and physiotherapists in an attempt to 'fix' it and 'release' an endless series of muscle spasms. Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars later, nothing had worked. I continued to become more and more frustrated by my body's inability to function. As someone who likes to run, hike, box, and row I was increasingly limited in what I could do without causing myself a great deal of pain. In the last year it got to the point I could no longer sleep, nor could I predict whether I'd be able to walk, sit or lay down on any given day. The only certainty was that my quality of life had dropped to an all-time low at the ripe old age of 29 and that some kind of drastic intervention was required to salvage it. Unable to sit at a desk for a prolonged period, I was forced to stop working and seek a solution.

If someone had told me four years ago that I would be referred to Troy and that he'd use 'Muscle Activation Techniques' to restore the neural connections to muscles that were no longer firing, and that I'd be not only pain free, but stronger and more stable than ever before, I'd have laughed. As a lawyer I'm trained to scrutinize everything and understand not only the 'how' but the 'why', and at that point, being pain free and strong seemed like a distant and completely unattainable goal. I could never have imagined that Troy's unique approach of palpations and isometric contractions could possibly have the life changing affect that it has.

I've now seen Troy almost every week for the last 6 months and to say his treatments have been transformative is an understatement. Imagine the human body as a wrung-out towel - the muscles so twisted and contorted that the hips and shoulders are no longer level and the legs veering off in one direction while the shoulders go in another. That was me. One small break in my spine, and 4 years of muscular compensation later, I was a mess. Nevertheless, each week Troy's gift for diagnostics gradually put the pieces of the puzzle back where they should be.

Troy doesn't just treat you, he educates you. I've learned to view the body not as a series of discrete parts, but as a continuum of muscle chains, inextricably linked and interdependent. I now understand that a misfiring or weak muscle in my big toe has ramifications for my entire leg, pelvis and torso. I can appreciate that my eyes and feet function as receptors for my entire body, determining the alignment of everything in between. It's for this reason that the treatment of isolated muscles during my earlier physiotherapy sessions hadn't been working for me - the problem wasn't a single muscle, but the whole chain.

Troy's guidance has also extended to my workouts. As I progress along the path to recovery he has provided me with targeted exercises to enhance and reinforce his therapies. Now I am lifting more, going further and performing better than I ever have in my life thus far. Movements that used to be taxing and painful are now effortless and pain-free.

Meeting Troy has given me back my quality of life. He is thorough, methodical and sincere in his desire to heal his clients and I can't recommend him highly enough to anyone who suffers from chronic injuries or pain, or who simply wants to enhance their performance. Life is too short to not be living at 100% of your potential.

S. Dolton

As a former Division 1 collegiate athlete, my body was still feeling the residual effects of years of arduous workouts and competition. I had been plagued with shin issues since my sophomore year in high school, throughout college, and into my post graduate days. It seemed like everyone had advice on how to fix them: orthotics, stretching, strengthening, rest + ice É and I tried everything, to no avail. I learned about Troy Stallman and his MAT treatments in an article in Vogue magazine. I was incredibly skeptical at first, but after 8 years of suffering I thought, "why not?" During my first session with Troy, he thoroughly explained the process of MAT and was very confident about the results I could expect. I listened as he explained but again, I was a cynic -- until he got started on my feet! After the session, I could immediately feel my neglected weaker muscles -- made dormant by the overcompensating stronger muscles -- reactivated and ready to be strengthened. It has been months since my first session and my shins are yet to be an issue in any of my workouts for the first time in 8 years! Troy caters his sessions to what you tell him but more importantly to what your body tells him. My body feels like it functions more efficiently in both my everyday life and in my workouts. I currently assistant coach field hockey at Rutgers University and I have raved about MAT to our training staff and to my players. I wish that I had known about MAT when I was competing in college, because it is the best performance enhancing medical treatment I have ever received.

Marie-Claire Heller
University of Louisville 2004-2008
Rutgers University 2008-Present

My life has changed drastically since a year ago when I met Troy Stallman. For 2 1/2 years I suffered from shoulder pain and severe neck inflammation and had little mobility in these muscles. I had tried many different treatments, including a kinesiologist chiropractor who helped me deal with my pain, but it was a temporary - and weekly --fix. I went to a rotator cuff specialist who sent me to a rehab therapist to strengthen my shoulder and neck muscles. I still had pain. Next, I tried going to a rolpher who told me he could help. That did not work. Finally I needed an MRI, which showed I had a herniated disc in my neck. I resorted to muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories prescribed by a doctor. Then a friend introduced me to Troy and told me that he would be able to help me. Troy explained that he uses a technique called Muscle Activation which activates the muscles that are weak. After only a few sessions I was substantially better. I listened to everything that Troy said I should do to get the best results. Troy then introduced me to fitness training to progressively build up my neck and shoulder muscles, and to get a complete core workout. I am a different person today, due to the strength that Troy has given me. I am able to try things that I was never able to do. Today I surf, swim, power walk, dance, weight train and do core stability workouts. I love my routine and thank Troy constantly for my health and fitness.

Nellie Haddad
Mother of 4 and Housewife

After months of physical therapy twice a week, plus two cortisone shots, I was still having shoulder issues. Nothing I was doing really seemed to alleviate the pain or, more importantly, lasted very long. My Pilates instructor kept telling me about MAT and how she's had several clients who benefited from it tremendously after nothing else worked for their various issues (shoulders, knees, hips, etc), but I put off calling the guy she recommended for months.

Once the PT ran out for the second time and my shoulder health seemed to be slipping backwards again, I called Troy Stallman and made an appointment. I saw him exactly three times and it's made the biggest difference - no more tightness and no more pain. Some of what he did is similar to the acupressure-like methods that were used during several of my PT sessions, only he went deeper (i.e. it hurt more) and spent more time doing it. I've even started doing some of the arms and shoulders Pilates exercises which I wasn't able to do for the last several months without intense pain or numbness. So I'm pretty much a believer now!

Lisa Donegan
Community Manager
World Economic Forum

I heard about Troy through a friend of mine this summer, when I was diagnosed with lupus.

I have to say at first, I was a little skeptical about how he would be able to help me-- little did I know at the time that his method would change the way I think, live, eat in the most positive and progressive way I've ever felt in my entire life. In the beginning I saw him weekly for 4 weeks straight and even he was astonished at how well my body reacted to his method. Getting up from the table, session after session, I immediately felt stronger and gradually my lupus symptoms ceased. Now I see him about once a month and am taking his advice on nutrition and supplements to add to my daily routine. Not only does Troy have a true understanding of the health issues I'm experiencing, he also has a huge heart. I look forward to seeing him every time and being around his positive energy.

Reina Nishida

I am currently 35 years old and there are only about 3 or 4 events that have changed the course of my life for the better. Meeting Troy Stallman was one of them ...

One and a half years before I met Troy my body started doing some strange things that were extremely painful: my neck stiffened up suddenly one day while I was at a grocery store. It became so tight that I could not turn my neck more than 5 degrees in either direction. I was in excruciating pain, it hurt to walk.

I immediately went to my physician who sent me to several specialists: I went from a chiropractor to a rheumatologist, from acupuncture to neurology, from yoga to gastroenterology. No one could give me a specific diagnosis, and many prescribed very heavy painkillers. I could not walk without limping, I was taking about 8-10 Advil a day, and many mornings my girlfriend had to pull me out of bed because the pain was so intense.

Before I hurt my neck, I was playing ice hockey several days a week, going to the gym, I was in pretty good shape for my age. I began putting on weight, I became depressed and my health continued to deteriorate. Finally I went to a physiatrist who told me about Troy and seemed confident he could help me. I booked an appointment with Troy with skeptical optimism.

From the minute I met Troy I noticed he was different from others I had met on my journey to a solution. His personal approach, authentic care and interest in explaining everything in detail made me feel like his approach was worth trying. I realized that he is a master of his craft, and also interested in learning. TroyÕs first comment when he examined me was that he hadn't seen this level of injury in a neck before.

Troy began working with me using his specialized techniques and within a couple months I had recovered almost a full range of motion in my neck, and my pain was reduced dramatically overall. We then incorporated his therapy into a workout routine which would maintain the progress. Within 6 months I was 90% back to where I started.

My experience with Troy that is he is nothing less than a miracle worker. I recommend him to people on a regular basis and I truly wish the therapy that he practices was more widely available to people with chronic pain.

The proof for me is that I am currently back doing my old exercise routines and I am in better shape than when my neck first froze up. I am running the Tough Mudder race in a couple months and got back to this level of health without taking any medication.

I still go to Troy every few months to make sure I don't slip back into old habits. I learn something new every time I visit him.

Jonathan Ross

I was a physically fit 18 year old guy who woke up with a sore back every single day. I felt better when I was up and about, and my MRI was clean, but I could not sit down to work or enjoy a meal with my family without burning lumbar-thoracic back pain.

The best advice I got from 3 MDs was to take 600 mg of ibuprofen today for three weeks and see what happened (no doubt you can guess how well that worked). 5 chiropractors, 2 physical therapists, and a handful of masseuses were similarly ineffective.

Fortunately, Troy knows more about debugging brain-muscle communication than everyone I've ever worked with pooled together. Because of his help I can now enjoy a family dinner.

This process is simple, but not cursory. First, he will observe your posture, and see how well you perform range of motion tests to get a coarse-grained idea of the issue underlying your particular symptoms. From there he will improve his idea what is going on with fine-grained resistance tests. Once he knows what to fix, he'll devise a custom, proprietary blend of isometric exercises for you to do on the table, and another set of gentle exercises for you to do at home. I've done mine for over 100 cumulative hours since November '12, because they make the results he gets last longer than anyone else's.

After sessions with Troy, I've caught myself taking pictures of random street corners in New York, to capture a visual reminder of how light and wonderful I felt there. He's expensive (I haven't bought a new outfit since I started seeing him), but I already feel much better (and he keeps complimenting the same shirt). If anyone can get me to 100%, it's Troy Stallman.

Adam J

Any working adult has grappled with the evermuddled and convoluted area of injury/pain treatment.  There are now tens of remedies for any one particular ailment, ranging from traditional Western to holistic Eastern approaches.  Any article online can make you think about digging deep in your pockets for what sounds like a sure fix.  For those with a penchant to worry, treating a serious ailment - psychological or physical - can exacerbate stress and even, in some cases, make their condition worse.  I'm one of those people.

A year ago, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee.  Despite the countless sports activities in which I was engaged - and the two surgeries I incurred as a result - my situation is rare. I was 26 when I received the diagnosis and have no disease for which the onset of arthritis is responsible.  I was moderately bowlegged, played a number of joint-jarring sports (soccer, football, track), but, mostly, I had developed serious muscle imbalances over my years of lifting weights and playing sports. These imbalances peaked at 26, just before my diagnosis.  At that point, I was only vaguely aware that my knees were bearing an alarming amount of pressure, which worsened when I ran or engaged in other physical activities.  Due to my bowleggedness, my hip, knees and ankles became misaligned, and it did so exponentially, with arthritis of the medial knee compartment.

And then I went to see Troy. 

At first introduction, Troy immediately comforted me with what he found were the pros and cons of traditional western approaches to sports medicine; my situation, in particular. And why.  It was a breath of fresh air, being, myself, a student of research and science; hearing a methodological, yet optimistic approach to treatment.  Despite, or, maybe, in spite of this reassurance, I remained skeptical.  Everything I had tried up to that point had failed me. Doctors were convinced my knee would only worsen with time.  Troy started me off with a few introductory exercises.  They all proved to effectively defend his treatment philosophy but still I was plagued with doubt. It was not until his Protoform therapy that I began to truly believe in his craft.  After a series of movements aimed to re-activate underused muscles, I got off his table, looked in the mirror, and found that my legs were almost perfectly straight.  Some would have said I was not bowlegged at all (where before, I was obviously so).  My knee and body felt not just refreshed or relaxed -- it all seemed to be in place; everything was where it should be.  

That feeling was the culmination of Troy's 20+ years of practice; attending seminars for and obtaining certificates in muscle activation, posturology, and personal training, among other things.  Like a true scientist, he determined each discipline's effectiveness, formulating a single but ever-changing recipe for treatment.  

Initially concerned about the price of treatment, I realized that, in my lifetime, I'll probably see Troy only 5 or 6 times.  With these visits and the necessary but easy maintenance exercises Troy assigns, my knee will be as good as it can be.  Arthritis is, of course, degenerative and incurable.  But with proper alignment and muscle activation balance, I can lead a normal life, engage in mild activities and, most importantly, put off serious invasive surgery until the technology has improved.  Many people, including myself, will over their lifetime pay physical therapists, surgeons, etc. many times what they will pay for Troy.  This is because Troy's treatment is a permanent solution; it attacks the very core of what causes pain.  No other treatment can do that.

I was lucky to find Troy and I feel I must inform others about Troy's work. Troy is helpful - on call to answer questions, immensely knowledgeable, judicious, and passionate about what he does because he knows it works.  

I am a teacher (suffice it to say, I'm not rich) and I can say that every penny of money I've spent on Troy's treatments - including the flight from Austin to New York to see him - was worth it.  

Joe Houchins

I was in terrible pain in November 2013, having been diagnosed with a bulging/ herniated disc in my lower back – probably from trying to lift a boat onto a trailer and/ or the usual life stress – and was forced to stop my daily habit of playing ice hockey at Chelsea Piers.

By December 2013 after working with various chiropractors and physical therapists and trying strong painkillers, including mega doses of Advil, I finally received an epidural injection in my lower spinal area which was very painful but did relieve some of the acute pain stemming from my sciatic nerve. I then had two orthopedic surgeons review my MRI’s and both recommended immediate disc surgery. But I was set on not having surgery, and was lucky enough to be referred to Troy.  Thank you Lord!  

I started working with Troy in early 2014.

Through his Protoform interventions which re-activated weak muscle connections and used strategic isometric  protocols, Troy helped me regain better postural alignment and joint stability. I then began doing specific Pilates movements and techniques taught by Stephanie Vouvou and followed Troy’s diet coaching.

In the fall of 2014 I was introduced to the laser. Troy’s ability to evaluate and pinpoint areas of stress and his skillful use of the laser to activate and stimulate nerve and muscle relief was uncanny; in a couple of months my sciatic pain was virtually gone, and as of last week I am back on the ice!

Hats off to the team at All Systems Go!  Thank you Troy and Stephanie for all your hard work and patience with me. You are both awesome and I look forward to our next sessions in the near future.  

Jay Stockwell

Troy is the real thing and one of a kind. I am a holistic psychiatrist and was not getting any answers with traditional medical care healing my severe shin splints.

Troy was able in two sessions, not only to get rid of my shin pain, but I was able to run for the first time in several years. He is a real find. I feel blessed to be able to receive his care.

Nina Cerfolio, MD